1. Site selection and development.
    2. Architect and contractor selection and negotiation on behalf of clients.
    3. Medical equipment selection.
    4. Pre, intra and post area set up (specific to physician client needs).
    5. Provide oversite during construction phase, and track project development for clients.
    6. Procure disposables and procedural products (clients benefit from cost savings through GPP’s pre-established relationships).
    7. All clinical and administrative requirements needed for first patient access.
    1. Comprehensive selection and procurement of medical equipment and inventory.
    2. Forensic accounting services to provide equipment and inventory cost savings. Average cost savings of ___enjoyed by GPP customers.
    1. Facility policy and protocol development.
    2. Employee policy development and staff annuals.
    3. Pre, intra and post procedural policy and medical procedure development.
    4. MSDS sheets.
    5. Exposure control plan.
    1. Procure all equipment and inventory required for pre, intra and post procedure (based on individual physician client needs and preferences).
    2. Documentation development for pre, intra and post procedure.
    3. Help improve workflow efficiency.
    1. Quality control checks.
    2. Track and address procedural complications to improve quality of care.
    3. Coordinate monthly QA meetings with physicians.
    4. Use data driven metrics to promote quality care.
    1. Staff selection and procurement on behalf of clients.
    2. GPP can refer highly qualified individuals with cath lab and recovery room experience to client facilities (contract employment).
    3. Provision of additional staff training services
    1. GPP maintains industry contacts which can be used to address specific questions in regards to billing and coding.
    2. GPP can satisfy additional documentation requirements.
    1. Staffing and training.
    2. Inventory control.
    3. Product ordering.

    1. Office restructuring for improved cost effectiveness and efficiency.

    2. Development of profit centers for improved cost and revenue tracking.
    3. Business development services.

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